Permanent recruitment.

Recruitment practice may be the same the world over – you need people, we find people, you engage people.

However, the way in which it is conducted of course will be different.

Our difference is a sustainable outcome for the company, the candidate and for the environment. For each successful appointment we plant a tree on your behalf contributing to healthy growth in more ways than one. We intend on building a few forests in and around New Zealand.

Our niche is HR Professionals and we recruit Director to Assistant positions and everything in between.

Please talk to us about how we do things at RHRP as we have the true ability to be a genuine partner to your business – we are here to stay.

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Interim, Short term, Contract HR recruitment.

Our HR world is flexible in nature and we must be flexible in practice. There will be times when you need an additional resource to meet varying and unplanned business needs.

Interim HR recruitment just got easier, with recruitHRpeople.

Interim HR positions are the ideal way to support and manage change effectively, working across anything from a restructure to a merger, from business growth to downsizing. The opportunities and challenges in the markets are seriously dictating the movement of HR professionals in 2020.

Qualified and skilled professionals are not only able to ensure that the people management is dealt with in line with employment law, efficiently and ethically, they are also able to manage complicated processes and undertake specialised work.

Our talent bank enables us to perfectly match people to a job role, specifically taking into consideration skillset, sector experience, culture fit and attitude. This leaves our clients safe in the knowledge that whatever their interim HR needs, we have the best person to meet the requirements of the role.

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Executive search.

Executive management search taps into the wealth of HR talent and assists in long-term planning for your organisation.

Headhunting the right person for your position within a closed network enables you to reach the right person for your business. This is a retained senior management executive search function and is a highly confidential service for both candidates and clients to provide seamless transfer of skills and delivery within your business.

We recommend our Executive Professional Search Package for assignments with salary starting at $175k per annum.

Please click here to make contact with our recruitment Team or call us on 09 42 11 002 to start the process.

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The recruitHRpeople process.

Our process (in a nutshell):

Following an approach, we will provide you with our Terms of Business and request time to take a briefing on the position. We prefer face-to-face however appreciate that this is not always possible and so use easily accessible video conferencing facilities to reduce our carbon footprint.

The majority of our work is relationship based search.  We have extensive networks and our Talent Bank grows each day with pre-qualified competent HR people.

We have a mantra  Quality IN = Quality HIRED.

We do advertise our open positions on job boards as this allows an audit trail for previously placed candidates to apply for the roles as recruitHRpeople are committed to a NO POACH policy for our clients.

Next, we screen all of the applicants thoroughly against the position description and our clients’ criteria. For us it is very much about finding the right candidate for your organisation, with competency and organisational fit determined before presentation of details.

Our team will only present the best candidates, as we believe in quality over quantity.

We have and offer tailor made guaranteed services to our clients.  In a nutshell, we are risk free, outcome focussed and deliver a high quality service at highly competitive rates.

We ask for 100% of the fees to give you 100% outcome of service delivery; it’s the value we add not the cost of the service. As such, we do not negotiate our fees for professional services just as you wouldn’t expect your lawyer to reduce theirs.

As the niche provider for HR Recruitment Services in NZ we are building THE unparalleled network of high calibre professionals at all levels.

Our unique balance of national coverage along with a practised attention to detail on each client’s brief, means that we are able to provide advice across a full spectrum of HR talent.

Although we understand that some positions go beyond classic definition, we offer full support from directorate to assistant level.

HR Director

Overseeing the full range of human resources activity for an organisation, HR Directors will engage with high level strategy and people management, driving the performance and accountability of the HR team.

Visit our HR Director job description to find out more.

HR Manager / Advisor / Officer

Straddling both a strategic and operational focus, HR Managers  / Advisors  / Officers will be involved in delivering an organisation’s strategic aims and providing expert advice to people within the company across a wide variety of HR areas.

Click here to read more about HR Manager / Officer responsibilities

HR Advisor job description

HR Assistant / HR Administrator

Providing expert HR generalist support, HR Assistants / Administrators support the day-to-day running and the senior staff within the Human Resources department.

To find out more visit our HR Assistant / Administrator job description.

HR Business Partner

Dedicated to employee relations, HR Business Partners are internally focused working to drive both strategic and operational business initiatives.

Take a look at our HR Business Partner job description to find out more.

Learning & Development Manager / Officer

Focused purely on the staff development needs of an organisation, Learning and Development Managers / Officers will spearhead all training initiatives and manage all related processes.

Find out about Learning & Development Managers’ / Officers’ responsibilities.

Recruitment & Resourcing Manager / Officer

Looking at cost effective ways to source the best talent for an organisation is the key responsibility for Recruitment and Resourcing Managers / Officers.

Take a look at our Recruitment & Resourcing Manager / Officer job description.

Head of Reward / Manager / Officer

Working at a senior level, the Head of Reward will design and implement innovative solutions to engage and retain talent.

Take a look at our Head of Reward job description.

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