Why use a Recruitment Company?

Considerations when working with a Recruitment Agency.

Using a recruitment company is a route many clients select to ensure that their recruitment process runs smoothly. The key is, finding the right agency to fulfil the bespoke needs of the business and vacancy in question.

Sourcing fitting and high calibre candidates can be time consuming for recruiting managers and business leaders. Specialist niche recruitment companies  such as recruitHRpeople, edenfx HSE Recruitment and Hardhat Recruits on the other hand, are experts and through their numerous networks will have access to extensive databases of professionals they know who will be suitable for each vacancy in question.  We wholly own and operate all three brands for people, risk and technical.  These are independent companies and staffed separately but you get outstanding service from each consultant within each company.

Finding the right match.

While generalist recruitment agencies commonly rely on adverts and job boards to source candidates for a role, specialists consultancies /  agencies will have a more thorough and bespoke approach to gaining results.

As THE experts, recruitHRpeople, RHRP recruitment consultants possess a comprehensive insight into the available candidates in the marketplace. In short, this limits the reliance on sourcing through advertisement alone which is often the default method for generalist agencies. Instead, this inside knowledge and the existing relationships with talented HR professionals means that a huge proportion of applicants will be a product of a pre-existing network.

Aspects to discuss with your chosen agency.

Although a HR Recruitment Consultant has an expert insight into the human resources job market, this doesn’t negate the need to approach each vacancy with a detailed and thorough brief. Not only will a fully defined job description enable consultants to focus on finding the ideal fit in terms of skills, qualifications, experience, sector background and mind-set, the process of designing the job specification will also guide an employer to consider the most important assets in their new recruit.

It may be that some elements will bear more weight in the wish list than others, but it is an invaluable way of assessing the actual needs and requirements from the role in question, enabling your HR Recruitment Consultant to hone their search from the beginning. It’s also a great opportunity to look ahead and consider what the future may entail for the HR professional once they are in place. Development and career progression are important factors for those considering a new job, so finding the right fit between business and candidate not only in terms of their CV, but also in regard to long term sustainable appointments and career aspirations will ensure a long lasting fit.

A realistic conversation about the budget for the vacancy is another key part of the preliminary process. We will provide guidance on realistic salaries and our specialist knowledge will allow us to effectively advise on whether a client’s budget is sufficient and in line with the market to attract the best candidates.

Sourcing the best HR talent.

For the sake of consistency, clarity and professionalism, it’s important to have pre-established timescales with your HR Recruitment Consultant to enable things to run smoothly and avoid missed opportunities with potentially ideal applicants. Expectations from a candidate’s point of view will be to get feedback promptly and for interviews to be held in a timely manner.

Generally speaking, we work to your interview timetables and after a two-stage process with ourselves. We wouldn’t expect you to pay us for a bunch of CVs and for you to do all the hard work;  you are hiring us to take the pain away from the recruitment process and hone in on the top 2 or 3 for more intensive final stages with you, which may involve presentations, introductions to your senior business leaders and /or  case studies and psychometric testing. Ultimately, throughout the recruitment process, the emphasis must always be on providing as much information and to engage in a mutually transparent relationship with us throughout at recruitHRpeople.

If you have a question around HR recruitment and would like to find out more about our service, simply contact us today to speak to our specialist RHRP team.

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